Dominations Hack 2018

DomiNations Hack and Game Review: The Finest Kingdom Will Rule The World!

‘DomiNations’ is an interesting mobile strategy game where you have to upgrade buildings, train army force, join alliances and attack other Nations. However, the game is quite different than the regular building strategy games as the player has to advance through several ages – Stone Age to Space Age and that can be really difficult unless you use DomiNations Hack.

DomiNations Hack

When the player upgrades in the game to an advanced age, then the structural design of his city changes completely. So, he has to build new buildings by changing the technology. In the Iron Age, players need to select from seven nations that offer several bonuses, which makes the game extremely engrossing.

Various Nations:

You will come across seven civilizations in the game and you need to select any one between the Chinese, British, French, Japanese, Greeks, Germans, Romans, and Koreans. Select the nation carefully as each of them have an exclusive military unit and their set of strengths and weaknesses. So, selecting a powerful nation would be a better choice.

Keep exploring and expanding:

The more you explore, the more you earn! In each section of the background, there will be animals to hunt, chests of Gold, Crowns, etc. So, keep searching for them. This will even make some space for you to construct new buildings. As you keep progressing in the game, you need to unlock various buildings to build. These will increase the number of people living in your city; thus, will make your city expand faster.

Earning Resources:

An easy way to earn resources is by hunting animals and mining mines or using Dominations Hack. Moreover, you can even earn rare items like Fur, Metal, and Leather. Another method to earn resources is by raiding other players. For that, you need to create an amazing army force that has the ability to raid other players. There are two kinds of attacks – medal attack and farming attack. The medal attack will help you in winning five stars in the battlefield whereas the farming attack will let you raid other players and win many resources.



Farming Attacks Or Medal Attacks:

If you are a novice in the game, then start with farming attacks as they will enable you to loot resources. You can then use the resources for upgrading your base. Once you feel your base has become bit stronger, then start with medal attacks. By earning loads of medals, you will get recognition in the matchmaking system that is based on medal count.

Before planning for an attack, ensure that you have enough troops that are based on the type of attack. For instance, to begin a farming attack you will require Horse Raiders and Soldiers. For starting a medal attack, you will need Ballistas, Horsemen, etc. Loot Blessings will help you in Farming Attacks and Weapon Blessings will help you in Medal Attacks.

Building Three Catapults:

Acquiring two catapults is easy but getting hold of the third one is a tricky task. So, the first and foremost thing to do is build a library, research Machinery, and read Chapter 3. There you will be able to find an option to build the third catapult. Another method is to research Watch Towers Knowledge in the Library and start building an extra tower at Chapter 1.

Acquire Free Crowns:

Crowns are the premium currency of the game and they can be acquired by completing single-player missions and various campaigns or generated with DomiNations Hack 2018. Another way to earn them is by implementing numerous goals available in the game. You should check the goals regularly so that you can earn Crowns more often. Moreover, by completing each achievement, you will be able to earn 250 Crowns. So, try to complete as many achievements as you can, and keep checking them regularly because new ones keep coming up. Another way to procure Crowns is by spending real world money.

Various Troops:


Similar to the 7 Nations available in the game, you even have to select any one type of troop from the seven types that are provided in the game. All these types of troops have some strengths, weaknesses and unique attributes. So, you need to select them carefully. These types of troops consist of Soldiers, Bowmen, Wall Miners, Horsemen, Ballistas, Horse Raiders, and Supply Carts.

Here are some tips that you should follow to make your DomiNations game successful:

  • You have complete control on where to place structures, so plan well before building them.
  • Try to destroy all defensive structures that you come across in the game. This will let you acquire troops and earn resources.
  • Ensure that your army force targets a particular building by using the Rally Command.
  • Unlock the Armor Blessing as soon as possible because that will let your troops recover their health immediately.
  • Soldiers often attack buildings that are not very important, so you need to use the right Rally instructions for them to work accurately.
  • Make use of Bowmen against Garrison troops. However, keep an eye on their health meter as they do not have much health.
  • Horsemen can be used as defensive units because they have high health points.
  • Try using our Dominations hack to dominate this game.
  • Horse Raiders will let you earn a lot of resources as they can acquire them easily.
  • You will need lot of game currency to acquire Ballistas. However, they are very powerful and can cause loads of damage on the opponents.
  • Supply Carts will help in healing your troops.
  • Make use of Wall Miners to break down the walls in your city.

Overall, DomiNations is an engrossing game. So, start building your powerful city right away and do not hesitate to use Dominations Cheats!